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Cardassian Weapons and Equipment

Cardassian Phase Disruptor Pistol Phase Disruptor Pistol Rugged, dependable, easy to use and effective. What more could you ask from a weapon.
Cardassian Phase Disruptor Rifle Phase Disruptor Rifle This weapon has a 4.7 megajoule power capacity, 3 millisecond recharge and two beam settings.
Cardassian Communicator Communicator Worn on the left wrist and may have several function other than communications. In the episode "Empok Nor", Garak naturally placed his Starfleet comm. badge on his left sleeve while under the effects of the psychotropic drug.
Cardassian PADD Cardassian PADD Personal Access Display Device. This is a small hand help computer used to display information as well as record. Memory is stored on iso linear rods.
Cardassian Tricorder Cardassian Tricorder This is a small hand held scanning device use to scan the surrounding area for any lifeforms or enviromental threats.

Important Notice: The beautiful illustration of the Cardassian Tricorder above is from the Star Trek Deep Space Nine Technical Manual by Herman Zimmerman, Rick Sternbach and Doug Drexler, published by Pocket Books, ISBN 0-671-01563-X. If you haven't done so already, PLEASE rush right out and buy this book! It is a rich source of information and beautiful illustrations of the famous station, it's components as well as allied and enemy ships. It is a necessity for any Star Trek, and especially Deep Space Nine fan's library. And your support will help ensure the continued publication of other high quality books for all our enjoyment.

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